In Good Company...

Founded in 1991, Workrite Ergonomics is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of height-adjustable workcenters and ergonomic office accessories, including adjustable keyboard platform systems and flat panel monitor support systems.

History - Over the past 15 years, Workrite Ergonomics has developed a reputation for excellence around its highly evolved ergonomic office solutions, and has attained a respected leadership position in the contract furnishings industry. This position applies not only to its sought-after products, but to the company's reputation as an expert source for ergonomic trends and data.

In 2005, Workrite Ergonomics announced the results of an important study of the workplace, which focused on worker comfort and productivity in terms of specific, equipment-related preferences and requirements. The "How Long Can You Stand to Sit" study revealed that 92 percent of respondents prefer a desk or workstation that allows them to make minor adjustments in height. Further, 82 percent prefer a surface for typing or keyboarding that allows them to work at a slight angle - believing that such customized touches would eliminate the majority of their work-related pain. This study underlines Workrite Ergonomics' commitment to providing products that directly benefit the health of employees, and therefore, the productivity of companies.

Workrite Ergonomics’ proximity to Silicon Valley’s unparalleled high-tech business environment has provided the company with an ideal setting in which to develop ergonomic products to satisfy the most progressive and demanding companies nationwide. Every product is developed with direct input from the ergonomic community and customers.

Vision - To provide intuitive work tools for every body.

Mission - To provide ergonomic products that increase individual employee productivity through enhanced alertness and improved health and comfort, which translates to greater organizational productivity through increased time on task, employee retention and reduced injury costs.

Environmental Commitment - Workrite Ergonomics is committed to protecting the health and safety of its staff, customers and community; and to protecting the environment by using sustainable business and manufacturing practices. Workrite's commitment starts at the factory from sourcing to manufacturing, following throughout its processes to the delivery of its products. The company's ultimate goal as a manufacturer is to take every effort to be a "Green Aware" corporation. Its products are designed and manufactured using both recycled and recyclable materials. They are environmentally friendly, flexible, adaptable, reconfigurable, built to last with extensive life cycles, and meet and exceed the ergonomic needs of all customers.

Recognition and Awards - Workrite has appeared on the prestigious "Inc. 500" four times and has received numerous industry and business awards.