Case Studies

Delta Airlines

In its quest to create a safe place to work, the world's second largest airline in terms of passengers, Delta Air Lines, partnered with Workrite Ergonomics to install height adjustable workcenters for a majority of its more than 6,000 call center representatives, providing superior comfort while reducing ergonomic-related injuries and their associated costs.

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Tele Atlas

Through the efforts of its workforce of 2,400 people worldwide, Tele Atlas is the leader in delivering the digital maps and dynamic content that power the world’s most essential GPS navigation and location-based services. Showing a strong commitment to their employees, customers, and bottom line, Tele Atlas recently installed Workrite Ergonomics’ height-adjustable workcenters as part of a multi-faceted workplace wellness program. The result has been fewer employee injuries, increased productivity and a dramatic decrease in worker’s compensation claims and absenteeism.

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