These keyboard systems features our Pinnacle 2™ Value Arm and either our Advantage-Dual platform with two swivel-out mouse surfaces or our Advantage-Single platform with right-hand swivel-out mouse surface. The Advantage-Dual mouse platform enables users to alternate mouse positions, reducing muscle strain. In both the Single and Dual versions, the efficient design of the mouse platforms reduce the incidence of lifting and repositioning the mouse, a factor in repetitive stress injuries.

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Swivel-out mouse platform stores under keyboard when not in use
Advantage Dual includes both left and right hand platforms
Advantage dimensions

User friendly features include:

  • Dual swivel-out mouse platforms:
    • Store under keyboard when not in use
    • Accommodate left and right-handed mousing
  • Single swivel-out mouse platform:
    • Stores under keyboard when not in use
    • Accommodates right-handed mousing
  • Mouse trap keeps mouse in place
  • Mouse platforms slide to adjust to Mouse-Forward position for improved comfort
  • Platform includes built-in document holder and cord management for keyboard and mouse
  • Removable LeatheRite palm support
  • Pinnacle 2 Value Arm with 17" or 22" nylon glide track

Product Images

Advantage Dual System
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Advantage Single System
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