Glide 2

Whether you are outfitting one workstation or thousands, Workrite Glide 2™ moves to everyone's comfort level. Its limitless range of adjustability is out of this world. Engineered to exacting specifications, critical components are quality tested to be within one half the width of a human hair. This careful attention to detail continues with the selection of unique materials including a jet engine control component that ensures thousands of smooth adjustments for years to come. With 24 standard configurations, Workrite Glide 2 will meet the needs of workers around the clock and around the globe.

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Glide 2 offers unlimited adjustability including 5 mouse platform levels
Independent mouse platform tilt allows for ideal ergonomic positioning for both keyboard and mouse platforms.
Glide 2 dimensions

User friendly features include:

  • Mouse platform glides on track to accommodate right to left-hand mousing
  • Unique mouse platform with Mouse-Over,
    Mouse-Forward, Mouse-Back and In-line
    positions for maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Integrated sliding document holder and cord
  • Stylish, no-slip keyboard mat and mouse-trap
    keep your mouse and keyboard in place
  • Over 210 square inches of mousing area in Mouse-Over position
  • Removable palm support; optional mouse palm support
  • Mouse platform tilts independently from
    keyboard platform
  • Pinnacle 2 Arm with 17" or 22" low-profile ball-bearing or nylon track

Environmental Considerations

  • LEED credit eligibility (1-10 points)
  • All Workrite Glide 2 Systems exceed LEED requirement MR4.1 (10% recycled content) and may be eligible for 1 point.
  • Most Workrite Glide 2 Systems exceed LEED requirement MR4.2 (20% recycled content) and may be eligible for up to 2 points.
  • Innovation and design, credits 1.1–1.4
    • Implementation of comprehensive ergonomic program (1-4 points)
  • Ultra-Thin platform surface made from GREENGUARD® certified materials

Product Images

Glide 2 Beauty
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Glide2 In-Line Tilt
(2979x2265 – 600 KB)
Glide 2 Left hand
(3417x2478 – 589 KB)
Glide 2 Mousing Positions
(1110x750 – 1 MB)
Glide 2 Office
(1500x1000 – 609 KB)
Glide 2 Other Positions
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Glide 2 Over
(1500x1185 – 295 KB)
Glide 2 Range
(1500x996 – 223 KB)
Glide 2 Range
(1500x1273 – 387 KB)
Glide 2 Side
(2400x1376 – 216 KB)