Increase Visual Comfort Effortlessly

We all have our preferences for monitor height and viewing angle. But everyone's happy when they can position the monitor at the spot that's right for them. The SwingArm provides five axis position adjustment and pneumatic counterbalance-so that height, depth, and tilt angle can be adjusted as desired, achieving the ergonomically correct focal distance and axis of vision.

Monitor Arms

Willow Dual
iPad Holder quick mount
Willow Dual Wide
Poise-Heavy Duty

Collaborate More Effectively

It's easier to collaborate when both of you can see and share the monitor easily. No matter where you're sitting, your monitor can flex to the best possible position so your meeting is more productive.

Makes Your Worksurface Really Work

With a flexible monitor arm like SwingArm, you can move your monitor out of the way when you're not using it. Reading, writing and proofing hardcopy documents can now be done right in front of your keyboard rather than off to the side. Transforming the dead space behind a flat panel monitor into usable space is instantly accomplished with a SwingArm.


Accommodate an Aging Workforce and Varied Visual Abilities

The increased use of bifocals means that more of your workers will be seeing their monitors from a new angle. Ergonomists recommend placing monitors at a lower height-sometimes touching the table top. The SwingArm's exceptional vertical range provides this level of adaptability.