Monitor Arm Accessories

Accessories for Willow and Workrite Poise

Laptop Holder

  • Fits Willow and Workrite Poise; single or dual monitor arms
  • Accommodates most popular 13", 15" and 17" laptops measuring from 12"–16½"W × 8"–11"D
  • Depth adjusts from 10" to 14" allowing use of docking stations
  • Adjustable sidebars keep laptops from shifting
  • Laptop held in place by formed front edge with open area for touchpad controls
  • Vent design for optimal cooling
  • Both Willow and Poise arms tilt from 0° horizontal to -45° forward
  • Silver Powder Coat finish, steel construction

iPad Holder

  • Securely mount generation 2 & 3 iPad to Willow monitor arm
  • Two piece frame design with thumb screws & Phillips screws provided to securely hold your iPad
  • Not intended for frequent iPad removal
  • For use on Willow or Poise Twin monitor arms
  • Black metal frame

Sequoia Monitor Add On Kits

  • Add monitors to existing Sequoia configurations
  • Monitors can be added on top of one pole configurations or added along side of existing two pole configurations

Non-VISA Mount Bracket

  • Use with monitors that do not have 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting plates
  • Use with all Workrite monitor arms
  • Fits monitors with actual size from 11 1/2" - 16 1/4" tall and 18 1/2" - 26" wide
  • Maximum bezel thickness at edges of monitor cannot exceed 1 3/4"
  • Bracket weight of 4 1/2 lbs. should be added to monitor weight when selecting compatible monitor arm

Mounting Options for Workrite Poise & SwingArm

Sierra Tool Bar Mount

  • Attach Workrite Poise and SwingArm to Sierra Tool Bar and Privacy Panel and other manufacturers’ tool bars
  • Supports monitors up to 25 pounds

Panel System Mount

  • Attach Workrite Poise and SwingArm to common panel systems (see chart in Pricing and Spefication Guide) 
  • Mounts on both panel-to-panel and corner panels
  • Supports monitors up to 25 pounds.

Slatwall Adaptor

  • Attach Workrite Poise and SwingArm to slatwall
  • Adjustable clamp design accommodates most slatwall systems
  • Supports monitors up to 25 pounds.

Wall Mount Bracket

  • Attach Workrite Poise and SwingArm to wall
  • Supports monitors up to 25 pounds
  • Mounting hardware and method of attachment are sole responsibility of the installer, hardware accepts fasteners up to ¼" diameter

Workrite Poise & SwingArm Accessories

Extension Arm

  • Provides additional 7" of horizontal reach
  • Use to modify installed product
  • Can be added to desk mounted SA1000 or PA1000 

Quick Release Adaptor

  • Adaptor attaches to monitor mount for quick release
  • Order one adaptor for each monitor
  • Use with all Workrite Poise, SwingArm and SteadyArm models

VESA Mounts

  • Optional VESA bracket for VESA 100 mm × 200 mm mounting for larger/heavier monitors - Poise and SwingArm
  • Optional VESA bracket for recessed 75 mm mount patterns - SwingArm only

Workrite Poise Accessories

Poise-Twin Monitor Bracket

  • Converts Workrite Poise-Heavy Duty to support two monitors
  • For use with PA3000 only

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