Willow Dual-Wide

Support for Lighter Weight Monitors Is Here

Willow™ is specifically developed to support newer monitors which are becoming ever lighter. Whether you have a one pound ultralight display or a 14 pound LCD monitor, the Willow monitor arm will provide the support you need.Willow leads the category in its height and reach adjustment. Users of all ages and levels of visual acuity will be able to position their monitor to maximize their viewing comfort.

Perfect for benching configurations, Willow is designed to fold back completely, maximizing the usefulness of your worksurface. To bring your work into focus, the spring and friction balance arm gracefully extends a full 22” from the worksurface edge.

User friendly features include:

  • Ideal for corners, 30" or deeper worksurfaces and
    oversized monitors up to 14 lbs. each
  • Willow Dual-Wide has all the features of the Willow
    WA1000 plus additional support for two monitors on
    two separately articulating arms
  • Each arm has 21½" reach
  • Specify two-piece C-Clamp or grommet mount, each fits worksurfaces ½"–2 3⁄8" thick
  • Available in silver only
  • 10-year warranty

Environmental considerations:

  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • 51% recycled content
  • Non-metal components marked with recycle symbol
  • LEED credit eligibility
  • Innovation in design, credit 1.1-1.4 (1-4 points)
    Implementation of comprehensive ergonomic program
  • Materials & Resources, MR Credit 4.1–4.2 (1-2 points)
    Recycled content: 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
    LEED Recycled Content
    WA2000-C-S: 26% total LEED recycled content
    (8% post-consumer, 36% post industrial)
    WA2000-G-S: 25% total LEED recycled content
    (7% post-consumer, 36% post industrial)

Product Images

Willow range of motion
(900x1155 – 669 KB)
Willow Dual-Wide
(750x540 – 59 KB)
Willow Dual-Wide
(750x563 – 45 KB)
Willow Dual-Wide Hi res
(2718x2040 – 1 MB)
Willow Dual-Wide
(1650x1238 – 1 MB)
Willow Dual-Wide with iPad
(2586x1884 – 667 KB)
WIllow Wrench
(618x750 – 100 KB)
WIllow Tighten
(3084x2244 – 689 KB)
WIllow Adjust
(750x548 – 84 KB)
WIllow Adjust
(750x571 – 91 KB)
WIllow Adjust
(750x584 – 93 KB)
WIllow Adjust
(750x584 – 83 KB)
WIllow thumb release
(750x804 – 95 KB)
VESA quick release for easy installation.
(800x800 – 88 KB)