Lighting Accessories

Lincoln Accessories


  • 12W, 24W and 48W


Fino Accessories

Fino Occupancy Sensor

  • Add on to single unit fixtures (non daisy chain)
  • Add to daisy chain by connecting into Fino Master Switch (only one sensor per daisy chain)
  • If creating new daisy chain from single unit or if adding Occupancy Sensor to existing daisy chain, order Fino Master Switch separately

Fino Master Switch

  • Provides single point of control for entire daisy chain
  • Required for daisy chain with occupancy sensor. 
  • Available in cord length to connect to first fixture in daisy chain: 1", 12", 24", 48"

Fino Daisy Chain Cords

  • Order daisy chain cords individually to modify configurations post installation
  • Available in four lengths, 1", 12", 24", 48"

Fino 48W Transformer

  • Required for daisy chain systems


Verano Accessories

Verano 48W Transformer

  • Required for daisy chain systems


Astra Accessories

Astra Occupancy Sensor

  • Add to AST-X-X-DA and AST-X-X-SA dual or single arm models

Product Images

Astra Passive infrared Occupancy Sensor connects to fixture arm, independently rotates 360°.
(800x800 ? 54 KB)
Fino Passive infrared Occupancy Sensor controls single unit or daisy chain.
(800x735 ? 43 KB)
Fino Master Switch connects to transformer with 54" cord and to first fixture with 1" jumper cord provided
(800x471 ? 40 KB)