Give yourself a break.

Ergonomists agree that microbreaks are an excellent way to reduce the effects of repetitive activities. Rather than squirming in your seat late in the day, give your back a rest by standing for a short time. Alternating between standing and seated positions reduces the need for extended workbreaks, increasing employee productivity.


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Take a stand for short meetings.

For an easy way to make meetings move faster, set your workcenter to the standing position. You'll be surprised by the prompt pace when people are thinking on their feet.

Decompress your spine (and your mind).'Adopting a sit-to-stand work style can also give your back a break. Research has shown that the intradiscal pressure in seated working positions can be nearly 50% greater than in an upright standing position. Studies also report that when employees use both a seated and standing position throughout the workday, their spinal compression is lessened.


Adjust yourself to a new altitude (and attitude).

The ability to quickly and easily adjust from a seated to standing position makes the difference in motivating your employees to take a stand for comfort. In the time it takes to read this sentence you could have adjusted your table from a seated to standing position using the simple touch controllers provided on our sit-to-stand workcenters.

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