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920 CPU Holder

The 920 CPU Holder™ provides a secure mounting solution for today's slim form factor units and mini towers. Workrite CPU holders give you easy access to your computer case, whether located on the floor, or attached to your workcenter.

Product features:
  • Stylish, modular design accommodates modern CPU sizes from 9¾" to 18½" high, 1¼" to 8¾" wide, 8" to 19¼" deep
  • Silver finish on metal components, light gray on plastic brackets
  • Height range adjusts in ¾" increments
  • Non-Locking versions have no depth limitations and do not have bottom brackets (as shown on 920-F to left)
  • Locking version includes adjustable bottom bracket, two keyed locks and tamper resistant screws for track mount
  • 16" nylon track allows 10" travel & 360° swivel for easy access to rear of CPU and under-desk storage
  • Security lock kit retrofit option available
  • Multiple mounting options include fixed wall mount, fixed under desk mount and track mount
  • Supports CPUs up to 75 lbs.
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty

Vertical CPU Holder

Accomodates most tower CPU computers.

  • Locking lever device allows 360º rotation of the CPU and safely keeps it off the floor
  • Separate version available with security lock system
  • Adjusts without tools for CPUs 15" to 24" high and 3" to 9" wide, up to 50 lbs.

Document Holders

Position your documents in line with your keyboard and monitor for easy reading and less discomfort.

  • Strong, lightweight material means a solid, portable product for the office, home or on the road
  • 40° of angle adjustment allows perfect placement and glare reduction
  • Raise your Rite-In-Line™ to a comfortable level with over 5" of height adjustment
  • Non-slip base keeps the Rite-In-Line™ right where you place it
  • Includes Slide-Guide™ rule strip; It sticks to just about anything!


Optimal ergonomics calls for proper foot support without pinching at the ankles.

  • Adjusts along with your movements to correctly support your feet as you move in your seat
  • Solid construction eliminates bowing that can cause your feet to angle inward
  • Low profile design minimizes visual impact of FootRester™ at your workstation
  • Adjustable height models accomodate greater ranges of chairs and heights

TravelRite™ Laptop Station

Portable laptop station moves your notebook computer into a more comfortable position for typing and viewing the screen.

Mobile Pedestal

  • Lockable box file cabinet with top drawer at ¾ extension, file drawer at full extension
  • Caster set with two locking & two non-locking casters
  • 21³/8" H × 15¼" W × 217/8" D

Sierra Power/Data Supply

  • Available with one voice/data port & one power outlet
  • Open or close at the press of a finger
  • Consult the Workrite Pricing & Specification Guide for voice/data adapters provided, desktop positioning and workcenter compatibility

Sierra Casters

  • Low profile locking casters, 2" W × 1½" H
  • Four (4) casters required for 2 leg workcenters, five (5) or six (6) casters required for 3 leg workcenters

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920 CPU Holder with large CPU
920 CPU Holder with small CPU
Vertical CPU Holder
Rite-In-Line Document Holder
CPU Holders & Other Accessories
Angle Footrester
CPU Holders & Other Accessories
Height & Angle Footrester
TravelRite Laptop Station
CPU Holders & Other Accessories
Mobile Pedestal (blk)
CPU Holders & Other Accessories
Mobile Pedestal (Gry)
CPU Holders & Other Accessories
Power/Data Supply
CPU Holders & Other Accessories
Sierra Casters

Product Images

Accommodates the widest range of CPU sizes, from 9¾”×1¼”×8” to 18½”×8¾”×19¼”.
(631x800 – 86 KB)
Accessorize your Sierra HX with a 920 CPU Holder and Sierra Tool Bar to free up valuable worksurface area.
(800x767 – 152 KB)
920 CPU
(2100x2205 – 254 KB)
920 CPU Holder front view
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