Sierra HXL Electric

Making the Move to Sit-Stand

Outfitting your office with sit-to-stand workcenters is now within reach. Recent research has documented the dramatic positive health benefits of alternating between standing and seated positions throughout the workday. Sierra HXL™ is Workrite's answer to companies who are seeking an entry level sit to stand workcenter that can provide your employees with the ability to reduce stress, improve blood flow and alertness and maximize personal comfort.

Moving to a more comfortable position is just a fingertip adjustment away. The HXL motor quickly and quietly repositions the worksurface to just the right height. All your tools move with you as the HXL can support up to 225 lbs of material on the worksurface. The HXL features a sturdy open frame design with no visible crossbar so you have the maximum open space below desk for your ped, processor or personal property.

For an even more stylish configuration, top off your workcenter with a Silhouette top.  Whisper thin yet sturdy as a redwood, Silhouette worksurfaces are available in 8 colors and 3 edge trim options. 

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2 leg frame accommodates worksurfaces up to 72” x 30”
2 leg frame accommodates worksurfaces up to 72” x 30” and leaves plenty of room for peds and other personal tools.
Slender ½" Silhouette worksurface collection with stylish edge profiles.
Easy to operate up/down switch shown with slender 1⁄2” Silhouette worksurface.
Height Range 25" - 42.5"

Workcenter features:

  • Hidden crossbar design provides optimum knee clearance and under worksurface access
  • Electric control with up/down switch
  • Height range: 25"– 42½" at 1.6" per second
  • Lifting capacity: 2-leg, 225 lbs.
  • Available in 24 worksurface styles in over 60 laminate options
  • Available in Sierra silver or charcoal finish
  • Base only or full workcenter
  • Compatible with full line of tool bar and rail system accessories

Environmental Considerations

  • LEED credit eligibility
  • Materials and resources credit 4.2
    • Recycled content: 20% (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer) (2 points)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality, EQ Credits 8.1–8.3
    • Implementation of comprehensive ergonomic program
  • Standby power is 0.1W
  • Values shown for LEED range are for laminate versions; all base-only models contain at least 25% LEED Recycled Content
  • Silhouette worksurface made from GREENGUARD® certified material

Product Images

Sierra HXL from back
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Workrite Sierra HXL Mid
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Workrite Sierra HXL Low
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Workrite Sierra HXL High
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Workrite Sierra HXL Front
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Workrite Sierra HXL Levels
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Workrite Sierra HXL 2 tables
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Workrite Sierra HXL 2 tables with accessories
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Sierra HXL Control
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Sierra HXL grouping
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