Tool bar & Rail Systems

Accessories to complement Workrite Sierra Workcenters

  • Complement your Sierra workcenter with your choice of useful accessories.
  • Tool Bars and Privacy Panels allow direct mounting of productivity accessories.
  • Productivity attachments bring often-used office tools and equipment within easy reach.

Features Click image to enlarge

Keep tools and supplies within easy reach.
Integrated tool bar clears up work surface.
Frosted acrylic panels provide 18" of privacy.

Product Images

Sierra Tool Bar - add accessory
(3460x2592 – 2 MB)
Sierra Tool Bar connect
(2471x2460 – 2 MB)
Sierra Tool Bar with accessory
(3178x2052 – 2 MB)
Sierra Tool Bar
(2093x1398 – 244 KB)
Sierra Accessory Tray
(1351x881 – 143 KB)
SIerra CD Holder
(400x282 – 67 KB)
Sierra Cup Holder
(582x492 – 146 KB)
Sierra Folder Sorter
(400x373 – 60 KB)
Sierra Legal Paper Holder
(1351x917 – 144 KB)
Sierra Pencil Holder
(400x401 – 55 KB)
Sierra Phone Holder
(400x254 – 55 KB)
Sierra Shelf
(600x351 – 117 KB)